AWA Toning Lotion - Combination Skin

AWA Toning Lotion
Combination Skin

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100 ml

| 3.4 oz


AWA lotion is an organic toner which reduces the imperfections of the combination skin and rebalances the PH. The pores are tightened. It also soothes skin prone to redness and itching. This hydrating and refreshing mist will take you to a lavender field in Quebec.

Suitable for all women with combination, sensitive and / or mature skin.

AWA lotion is pure, without alcohol or preservatives and 100% natural.


  • The skin is soothed
  • Reduces small skin imperfections
  • Rebalances the skin's pH
  • Softens the skin


Spray the AWA tonic lotion on a face cleaned beforehand with AWA natural soap. Follow with AWA face serum on your damp skin.


Lavandula angustifolia floral water *

* ingredient of organic origin